Egon Sohmen Graduate Center

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About the Egon Sohmen Graduate Center (ESGC)

Welcome to the webpage of the Egon Sohmen Graduate Center. Being established in 2013, the ESGC is part of the Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE) at the Department of Economics at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

The ESGC is devoted to the financial support of the most excellent young scholars in the economic science. Up to two scholarships per year are awarded. Each scholarship is awarded for a duration of three years and is equivalent to roughly a 75% position to the German TVL-E payment system.

The Egon Sohmen Fellows profit from the stimulating research environment of the MGSE. The Sohmen Fellows are not limited to any particular topic in the economic science, instead they are encouraged to tackle the research topics they are most interested in.

Benefitting from this maximum of research flexibility Egon Sohmen Fellows can be affiliated to one of the structured graduate programs, such as the EBE or the GRK 1928. This, as well as other distinguishing features, makes the Egon Sohmen Fellowship the most prestigious awards at the MGSE. For more information about the ESGC program please click here.