Egon Sohmen Graduate Center

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Being a Fellow of the Egon Sohmen Graduate Center is one of the most prestigious awards at the MGSE and the Department of Economics in general. Therefore, only the very best and most outstanding of our applicants will be offered an ESGC scholarship.


The Egon Sohmen Fellows profit from the stimulating research environment of the MGSE. The Sohmen Fellows are not limited to any particular topic in the economic science, instead they are encouraged to tackle the research topics they are most interested in.

Benefitting from this maximum of research flexibility Egon Sohmen Fellows can be affiliated to one of the structured graduate programs, such as the EBE or the GRK 1928. They can also participate in the general MGSE program and choose any research topic and any supervisor who fits their research interest best.


The ESGC supervision concept will ensure ideal conditions for the Sohmen Fellows to quickly complete their coursework and start to conduct their own independent research on important issues of their choice using cutting-edge methods and tools.

When entering the MGSE, the Sohmen Fellows will be assigned a mentor from the core faculty. The first-year mentor helps and supports the Sohmen Fellows in choosing their courses for the first semesters, or introduces them to the faculty and the MGSE in general.

After completion of the coursework in the first year, each student chooses a main doctoral advisor and a second mentor from the economics faculty. Every Sohmen Fellow will meet his or her research supervisor on a frequent basis to discuss his or her research ideas as well as the research progress and potential problems.

In a later stage of their Ph.D. the supervisor (and the MGSE team) will help the student in developing a personal career plan, organizing research visits at universities abroad, or preparing for the job market.


Furthermore, receiving an ESGC scholarship implies that Ph.D. students are free to teach in the undergraduate program of the department. They can if they wish to; however, this is not obligatory.